The Truth About Car Accident Cases

Learn the Truth About New York Car Crash and Accident Cases:

My book – Good Lawyers Don’t Call You First: – will help you no matter how you were injured: a car accident, a work-related accident, a sidewalk trip and fall, or any other type of accident.

Are you looking for information to help you navigate your personal injury case? At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we have the resources that are necessary to help you understand the steps that must take place and how to best receive the rightful compensation that you deserve. As a gift to you, we offer our personal injury clients a free book. It is our goal to help each individual we serve develop a comprehensive understanding of the situation that they are in. As Queens personal injury lawyers, we offer an abundance of free information in different forms. Please take advantage of the free information we offer, especially the free book that can act as your guide throughout the entirety of this process. There is also a significant amount of information on our website available for your access. Contact our firm for more information!

Do Not Hire A Lawyer Until You Read This Book!

How can you be hurt if your attorney is "only" cheating an insurance company or if you’ve done
nothing wrong? How can you find an ethical, honest attorney, and why is this critical? And what about crooked medical clinics?

If you can’t work anymore, your family’s financial future may depend on making the right decision. You need a lawyer you can trust. But can you trust your lawyer? Read Good Lawyers Don’t Call You First, the book that dirty lawyers hate me for writing.

My Other Controversial New Book – WARNING! THINGS THAT CAN DESTROY YOUR N.Y. CAR ACCIDENT CASE (And the Insurance Companies Already Know These Things) – Reveals Inside Information That "They" (Insurance Companies) Do Not Want You to Know.

Attention New York car accident victims: This is not a level playing field. The insurance companies (and some lawyers) do not play fair.

The insurance companies try mightily to get you to deal directly with them. They don’t want you to hire an attorney. The insurance industry has conducted studies that found that when they can deal directly with accident victims who have no legal representation they save money. That’s right. Deal directly with an insurance company and you usually get less money, even after an attorney takes a fee. Your questions are answered in my new book, WARNING! THINGS THAT CAN DESTROY YOUR N.Y. CAR ACCIDENT CASE.

The less you know the better for the insurance companies. The less you know the better they like
it. Read this book to help beat back the insurance industry, which is happy to collect your premium dollars but hates to pay out claims.

I stand beside you against the insurance industry.

I stand beside you against the crooked lawyers.

If you live or work in New York, get one or both of these FREE information-packed books now:

  • WARNING! THINGS THAT CAN DESTROY YOUR CAR ACCIDENT CASE (And the Insurance Companies Already Know These Things)

You will have to give me a little information about yourself. But if you live or work in New York, I will mail you a free printed copy of either or both of these books. (I will not sell, lend or give your information to anyone else!) Plus I will include a FREE subscription to my law firms monthly newsletter, packed with interesting and informative articles.

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