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Road rash is a term used to describe any type of soft tissue damage or skin abrasion caused by scrapes against gravel, pavement, or other surfaces. These injuries are most frequently sustained by motorcycle and bicycle riders, as they are incredibly vulnerable to coming into contact with the ground or other objects during accidents. Depending on a number of factors, including the protection worn by victims and the speed a motorcycle or bicycle was traveling prior to impact, road rash injuries can range in severity. From minor abrasions to extensive soft tissue damage and bone breaks, these injuries can significantly impact the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of victims.

Two Types of Damage

Medical professionals usually classify road rash injuries into two categories based on the damages they caused. These include avulsion and compression injuries:

Avulsion Injuries
Avulsion injuries involve superficial scrapes to the skin that can strip away layers of skin, leaving fat or bone exposed. This type of road rash frequently requires emergency medical treatment and in many cases may also require serious medical procedures, including skin grafts.

Compression Injuries
Compression road rash injuries occur when a rider becomes caught between two objects. During motorcycle accidents, for example, this usually happens when a rider becomes trapped between the motorcycle and the ground. Compression injuries can produce serious harm, including severe skin and soft tissue damage, as well as bone fractures and breaks that may require amputation or other serious medical procedures to treat.

Regardless of the extent of your road rash injuries, our Queens personal injury attorney understands that obtaining full and fair compensation is vital to ensuring that you receive the medical care needed to recover from your injuries. Well-versed in personal injury law, experienced, and fully committed to helping our clients along their road to recovery, our legal team is one you can trust in times as tough as these.

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