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Scaffold Accidents in Queens

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Especially when operating at high elevations, construction accidents can happen all too often. One source of accidents can be faulty scaffolding, and the potential problems are manifold. Even though tubular steel scaffolding is more reliable than a wooden structure, there may yet be incorrect seating and locking, a lack of proper support, or tubing of inadequate size.

When rolling or baker scaffolds are meant to be stationary, castor brakes or wheel locks may not be in place. The material for wooden scaffolds may not be of sound quality, characterized by checks, splits, big dead knots, or some other problem that should have disqualified it from being implemented into the structure. Every joint must have at least four nails, and these nails must be the appropriate size for whatever weight load the structure must hold up. Any failure in the structure could lead to catastrophic accidents. Single pole scaffolds may not have been sufficiently cross-braced.

Overhead protection might have been missing. Toe boards may not be properly nailed down, or guard rails may not be the right size or may not even be present. An unsanctioned change to the structure or debris from the day before may cause a serious accident. Management may have failed to hold daily inspections of the scaffold, or others may have failed to observe proper safety regulations. In a sometimes dangerous line of work, there are many potential sources of another party being responsible for an accident that has caused serious personal injury or even tragic death.

Representation and Compensation You Deserve for a Scaffold Accident

In this time of pain and loss, you may be faced with medical bills that continue to grow, even as wages continue to be lost. This is not a time you have to face alone. With the right representation, you can win the compensation that you deserve. At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we are committed to finding exactly what you are owed, and we want to ensure that you receive it in full. We have 30 years of experience in personal injury law, and this knowledge and experience could be put to work for you. A trusted personal injury attorney from our firm can fight for justice to be upheld for you and your family. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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