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Have you been injured in a forklift accident in Queens?

Construction sites present many dangerous situations that can lead to serious or permanent injuries or death, including forklift accidents. Working with heavy machinery is hazardous. Forklifts are no exception, particularly in rollovers. Forklifts are used extensively in warehouses and large industrial complexes, as well as on building projects of all types. A forklift poses a danger due to the fact that they are very mobile, can move swiftly, and can change direction rapidly. A person can collide with a forklift, whether on foot, in a vehicle, or manning another piece of heavy machinery. Forklifts can also rollover or run into stationary objects, hurting the driver. Injuries are common, and some types of injuries can be quite serious. A personal injury lawyer in Queens who has experience handling such accidents can help you. Our firm is known for achieving results for injured construction workers, and can evaluate your claim and advise you what to expect.

Investigating a Forklift Accident in Queens

There are many factors to consider when investigating a forklift accident. They would include determining if there was any malfunction of the forklift, in any component or system. What was the status of the service record for the forklift, i.e., was it being maintained on a regular basis? Were there known problems with the forklift that were ignored? Was the driver qualified to drive it? Was the forklift being operated properly?

Once the cause of the accident is determined, the party or parties at fault must be held accountable. It could be the property owner and the contractor. It could also be the manufacturer of the equipment, maintenance company, service repair company or other party.

At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we offer compassionate, experienced and client-focused representation to the injured in forklift accidents. We are dedicated to helping you to fight to recover the maximum possible financial compensation possible under the law. Talk with us today.

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