Construction Falls

Construction Falls: Construction Accident Lawyer in Queens

Did you fall while working at a construction job?

Working in construction is a dangerous profession. An accident involving a fall can lead to severe or permanent injury, whether a fall from scaffolding or in another situation. If you are a construction worker and fell while performing your work duties, then you need to contact a Queens construction accident lawyer immediately. Gary E. Rosenberg has served as counsel in a range of personal injury cases for over 30 years, and is the recipient of the Avvo Client's Choice Award for 2012. Throughout our years in practice, we have achieved many notable victories, and we are prepared to represent you if you were injured in a fall on the jobsite.

A construction worker can fall from a ladder, roof, lift, or hoist, or can fall from one floor to another, or can fall when scaffolding is incorrectly installed and collapses, or directly off a scaffolding installation. In some cases, safety regulations have been violated. Your employer is required to protect you from harm by keeping the jobsite safe, so there is no unnecessary risk of injury. A construction worker may slip on debris or construction materials and equipment that has not been properly cleaned up or stored. Injuries resulting from these fall accidents can be broken bones, back or neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. Any of these injuries can force you to a long period of hospitalization and the need for rehabilitation. A fall could lead to a tragic loss of life, leaving the family bereft, and with no income. These cases must be addressed with help from a legal professional who is highly skilled in personal injury law.

Construction Site Falls and Compensation in Queens, NY

If you were severely injured in a fall or if your loved one died in a fall on a construction site, you must contact a Queens construction accident attorney to help you seek full compensation. We can help you get fight for the maximum possible in compensation for medical expenses, the burdens that permanent injuries are causing you, loss of income, and pain and suffering, among other damages. A worker's compensation claim is limited in the amount of benefits that could be recovered, but we will ensure that every possible form of compensation is sought. If there is third party liability, or your employer was guilty of gross negligence, there may be the ability to file a lawsuit to recover more in damages. Contact us today. We are available to come to you if you are unable to meet with us at our office. Call now.

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