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The leading cause of injury and wrongful death in the United States is car accidents. These situations typically involve more than just two individuals and a variety of car accident injuries can result. Generally, these accidents are caused by one or more individual's negligence on the roadway, including drunk driving, texting while driving, recklessness and carelessness. There are many laws to prevent this type of accidents from occurring, however, it is not always easy to avoid. If you or a loved one is the innocent victim of a car accident, contact a Queens personal injury attorney from our firm.

There are many set laws to protect individuals on the road from other's negligence. If you have still been injured in an accident despite these laws, get the legal information you need from our firm. You hold the right to legal action and to seek just compensation for your injuries and other losses. Our Elmhurst personal injury attorney can explain the process to you and how you can file a claim for damages. You need a qualified car accident attorney in Queens who can help you seek medical attention for your injuries by taking on the legal burdens that you should not have to face. Dealing with the pain of your injuries on top of all the stresses that arise from the accident can become more than you can handle. Learn about the rights you possess.

Types of Car Accidents in Queens County

There are a variety of car accidents that can occur. The type of car accident that takes place often depends on the negligent and responsible party. If your case involves an accident caused by a road defect, the individual or company responsible for maintaining the road may be liable. Hit-and-run car accidents are one of the least enjoyable of all. If the driver has fled the scene of the accident, there are still ways that you can seek compensation. One of the most common and dangerous accidents are those that involve a drunk driver.

No matter what type of car accident you have been involved and injured in, contact the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C. to seek the compensation you deserve!

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