Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Queens

Queens Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The most common cause of a bicycle accident is a driver who fails to observe that he or she is sharing the street with a bicyclist. Speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving are also frequent reasons that a bicyclist is hit by a car or truck in the Queens area. In a recent year, there were 178 bicycle accidents with injuries in Queens, essentially one every other day. All bicyclists face serious risks from vehicle operators who either do not respect the rights of the bicyclist, or doesn't see the bicyclist.

Justice in Cases of Bicycle Accident Injury or Death in Queens, NY

The profile of a bicycle and rider is small, and drivers who are weaving through traffic often don't see that there is a bicyclist in an adjoining lane, and then pull directly into the rider. The situation is often made worse as there are secondary impacts after the bicyclist is thrown to the roadway, or onto the hood of the car, and is then hit by other vehicles.

There has been a great increase in bicycle riders in recent years, and leaders in the Queens area have focused on creating more bike lanes and making safer for bicyclists. Even so, there are many vehicle drivers who continue to lack respect for the rights of bicyclists and put them at risk. Many bicyclists suffer serious internal injuries after being hit by a vehicle, some of which are so extreme that there is no hope of survival, and the person passes away instantly, or within a few days. The families of these people suffer unimaginable pain.

Taking Legal Action

One form of justice that can be pursued in such a case is a wrongful death claim. This legal action can bring some degree of closure to a grieving family. At our firm, the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we take on bicycle accident injury cases with a commitment to the injured or the family that is unmatched. Our goal is to pursue the maximum possible in compensation.

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