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Common Accidents

If you have been injured in a trip and fall or slip and fall accident, it is important to get the information your case requires. One of the most frequently occurring accidents are slip and falls and trip and falls. Whether your accident has occurred inside or outside a building, you can speak with a Queens personal injury lawyer from our firm at your earliest convenience. There are many ways that slip and fall accidents can occur and at Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we offer information on how to legally handle each situation. A few of the most common types of slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents include:

Snow and Ice
A slip-and-fall accident requires a wet surface. Snow can be salted and then re-freeze. When the ice melts, runoff can freeze on walking surfaces. There are many ways that a snow and ice accident can arise, sometimes the snow is not shoveled or cleared correctly. An experienced personal injury attorney can tell you if a property owner has failed to correctly maintain a sidewalk or parking lot, so that there is legal liability or negligence. Seniors tend to suffer more serious broken bone injuries than the younger population when they face a slip and fall.

Sidewalk Defects
While snow and ice accidents often happen on sidewalks, clean and dry sidewalks can present a tripping hazard to Queens, and Bronx pedestrians also. A sidewalk with a difference in height between concrete sections may present a tripping accident hazard. All sidewalks used to be the responsibility of the city of New York. A law was passed a few years back to relieve the city of New York of some of this liability and now the landowners of commercial or apartment buildings can be sued cases for failing to properly maintain their sidewalks.

Street or Roadway Defects
A trip and fall accident can also happen while moving off of a sidewalk or crossing the street. Sometimes holes are left in the street by construction work or a metal plate may be attached to the surface of a street or roadway to cover a hole. If the metal plate is raised, it may present a tripping hazard.

Private Property
Workers can slip and fall at construction sites. Shoes should be checked for wear and tear. An outside contractor may be responsible for creating a dangerous outdoor condition as a result of the work that they were hired to perform.

Premises Accidents
A premises accident can occur almost anywhere but generally refers to one inside a building. Many residents of Queens, and Bronx live in apartment buildings and an accident can happen inside an apartment or in a public area of the building. A premises accident may also take place in a private home, office or store. A slip and fall accident can also take place in a building. Inside a home or apartment, a trip and fall may occur as a result of torn or frayed carpet or on a slippery bathroom floor.

Pursuing Compensation in Queens County

Negligence has to be proven in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. This includes showing that the premises was dangerous and that a reasonable individual could have been injured by this defect. Negligence and liability can be hard to prove, but with the experienced assistance of our Queens personal injury attorney, you can be on your way to compensation. It is important to be able to discuss exactly what caused your trip and fall or slip and fall accident. Dangers can be found in many different locations and if you have been injured on another individual's property, you may be entitled to compensation.

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