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Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents that one could experience. Motorcycles are fast and powerful and do not offer the protective "cage" afforded to the occupants of cars, trucks and buses. A Queens personal injury attorney can help you with your motorcycle accident as you seek compensation. Millions of injuries and thousands of deaths occur annually due to motor vehicles: car, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle safety courses teach riders to be alert and pay attention to the road.

Many motorcycle accidents take place because of passenger-vehicle negligence. Driver distractions take many forms: cell phones, eating, adjusting the stereo or portable music player, operating a navigation or global positioning system, using a hand-held device or computer, reading or putting on make-up while driving. Conversations with passengers in a car can take the driver's mind off the road. The most common type of motorcycle versus another vehicle accident is the vehicle making a left turn in front of a motorcycle. There is a large variety of accidents that can take place that cause injury to motorcyclists.

Types of Injury

Motorcycle collisions are rarely ever minor situations. Motorcycle accidents tend to result in catastrophic injuries because of the size and weight difference between a motorcycle and the other motor vehicle. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in wrongful death. The injuries that frequently occur to motorcyclists who survive include brain damage, spinal cord injury, fractured bones and neck and back injuries. For those that have suffered tremendous injury or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you need a confident and qualified Queens motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles do not provide much protection when involved in an accident. A motorcyclist riding in the rain or snow may have impaired vision. Riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous form of transportation, but with these tips, you can be much safer. Do not ride in next to a car's side mirror, its "blind spot." Riders have to scan ahead and anticipate other vehicles' actions. Motorcyclists must be extra careful in bad weather, on slippery surfaces or when approaching obstacles on the roadway.

Typically, the lack of basic riding experience and skills, rider's failure to handle a powerful motorcycle, failure of a rider to understand that bikes can be unstable at slow speeds, refusal to wear protective gear and failure to drive defensively are major causes of injuries. Motorcycle accident prevention requires care and specific braking and cornering skills. About 50% fatal single-vehicle motorcycle crashes involve drinking and riding. Operating a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol limits an operator's ability to ride safely. A rider should attend a motorcycle safety to learn how to safely and skillfully operate a motorcycle and avoid an accident. For more information, contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

A helmet is the most important piece of equipment. In New York State, use of a helmet is required. Passengers should also wear a helmet. In choosing a helmet, look for the "D.O.T." (Department of Transportation) label on the helmet. The D.O.T. label on helmets is the manufacturer's certification that the helmet conforms to Federal law. Some riders prefer the smallest helmet, which leaves the ears exposed. A fullback helmet covers the head and jaw and offers maximum protection against face and jaw injury in the event of an accident. For detailed information about the importance of wearing a D.O.T. approved helmet, see my blog posts. Following is further information on safety equipment you should always use:

  • Eye Protection: Goggles or a face shield are necessary to protect eyes against dirt, insects, and/or rocks - even at night. The wind can cause the eyes to tear and blur vision.
  • Jackets and Pants: It is advisable not to ride in shorts. Long pants reduce the possibility of suffering a leg burn injury on a hot exhaust pipe. Trousers should not be baggy at the bottom to getting tangled in the chain. Wear long-sleeved jackets.
  • Gloves: Gloves should permit a firm grip on the controls. Leather gloves are excellent, as are special fabric gloves with leather palms and grip strips on the fingers. Gauntlet-type gloves keep wind out of the rider's sleeves.
  • Footwear: Leather boots are best. Durable athletic shoes that cover the ankles are a good second choice. Sandals, sneakers, and similar footwear should not be used since they provide little protection from abrasion or a crushing impact. Beware of synthetic soles that can melt on a hot exhaust pipe. Avoid dangling laces that can get caught.

Legal Protection After an Accident in Queens County

New York State's no-fault motor vehicle insurance does not apply to motorcycles, so getting bills paid can be difficult for riders with no health insurance. Health insurance is your best way to get the medical care and treatment that a motorcycle accident victim needs. Otherwise, we have to bring a claim against the person whose negligence caused your motorcycle accident and injury, and that can take a long time and might mean that you can't get necessary medical treatment sooner rather than later.

Another good idea is to carry collision damage coverage on your bike, especially if you cannot afford to replace it if it's lost in a fender bender. This protection is not mandatory, so you must read your motorcycle insurance policy to see if you have it. Carry higher than basic limits on your liability insurance and make sure you have Supplemental uninsured / underinsured motorist insurance coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage is insurance you can purchase for the situations where the other vehicle does not have enough insurance coverage to adequately compensate you.

It is vital to report your motorcycle accident to your insurance company. If you fail to report an accident, you may lose your right to insurance coverage for your accident. There are strict time limitations for initiating motorcycle accident claims in New York. If you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident, don't try to handle it alone.

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