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Gas systems are installed in nearly every home and building, as it is necessary to provide heat for comfortable living conditions, cooking and other needs. Unfortunately, even a minor leak during the construction phase can result in a horrific accident. Construction workers place themselves at risk when installing of fixing gas lines. Even if it is properly installed, faulty equipment can easily result in dangerous explosions. If you have been the untimely victim of a gas explosion or you have lost someone in an accident, we want to be here for you during this devastating time.

As you face physical, emotional and financial hardships, we are committed to assisting you so that you can receive the compensation that you fully deserve for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. There is nothing that we can do to bring your loved one back or to restore your life to the quality you once enjoyed; however, with a Queens construction accident lawyer from our firm, we can provide the outstanding legal representation you need as we pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Gas Explosions: The Dangers and Casualties

The construction industry is a hazardous line of work. One of the most serious dangers at a construction site involves the potential for severe gas explosions that can result in catastrophic injuries. Most often, workers can be caught in an explosion if they hit a gas pipeline while performing their job. These pipelines are mapped out to help avoid these types of incidents, however, if a pipeline is hit, it may be attributed to a surveying error or a misuse of equipment. Additionally, gas leaks due to poor sealing or faulty machinery can erupt in an instant. All it takes to ignite an explosion is a piece of equipment striking a tank of gasoline, propane, or natural gas. Construction companies should visibly mark out where pipelines lie, and inspect pipelines to assure against leaks or corrosion. Pipeline pressure and valves should be consistently checked out as well. The threats are manifold, and the results can be disastrous.

Burns are one of the most common injuries that can be sustained in a construction accident. Not only can this entail severe pain and suffering, but you could be stuck with hefty medical bills.. If you are left unable work, this can be an especially heavy burden. Explosions can bring harm to a far range of individuals, not just to the individuals standing near the actual fire. Shrapnel of all types of material and size can strike nearby workers, dealing grave injuries. People can suffer from traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injury, especially if they are thrown from the force of the explosion. Gas explosions can also lead to tragic fatalities in the most severe cases. Those that have lost loved ones due to preventable accidents should not have to deal with the aftermath on their own. For those that are dealing with a wrongful death claim, allow our firm to represent your case. Together we can work towards bringing about justice and strive to obtain the highest settlement possible.

Dedicated Gas Explosion Attorney in Queens

In the wake of a construction accident, you should not have to face the results alone. A compassionate construction accident attorney can come alongside you to help ensure that your rights are protected and your future provided for. It will take an aggressive Queens injury attorney to relentlessly pursue the maximum compensation that you may be entitled to. At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., you can find the dedicated representation you need with Attorney Rosenberg's tenacious strategies and compassion towards your situation. .

When you need a powerhouse legal advocate for your personal injury or wrongful death claim, you can look to our firm. We have your best interests at heart and are committed to providing you the help you need to get through this time. Your claims are subject to a statute of limitations, meaning that your case can expire. You cannot afford to delay.

Do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C. today!

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