Falling Objects and Injury Claims

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Falling objects can cause serious injuries and account for a number of fatalities every year. Stacking heavy objects high in a store, office, construction site or other work environment can be very dangerous. If you have been injured in an accident and hit by a falling object, you may have the right to seek compensation. To get the best chance of success for an injury claim, you need legal representation from an aggressive and caring Queens personal injury attorney. At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., we understand the pain and suffering you have endured from your injuries and we are prepared to fight for your right to fair and just compensation. There various types of objects that commonly injure innocent people or workers in the Queens area could include metal, concrete, brick, lumber, and tools, or any other type of object.

Injuries Caused by Falling Objects

Depending on the size and type of the falling object and the distance it falls, the injuries from this type of accident can range from minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and lacerations, to serious injuries including broken bones, severe lacerations, brain injuries or concussions. When it comes to the law, there is a negligence doctrine that is often used called "res ipsa loquitur," which means "the thing speaks for itself." If the case of falling objects, this basically means that if something drops on someone, then another has been negligent, because objects to not simply fall on their own. Construction sites are the location of many such injury cases, as tools, equipment, and building materials can fall and hit a worker or a passerby.

But even with this doctrine in place, it takes an extremely skilled lawyer to establish liability in a falling object case, as it must be proven that the negligent person was in control of the placement and/or handling of the material that fell. When you have been hurt by a falling object due to another's negligence, don't put your future in the hands of just anyone. We will help you fight for justice and the compensation you deserve, based upon the details of your case.

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