Dangers of Construction Work Area

Construction Accident Lawyer in Queens

Construction sites can are established as being one of the most dangerous areas to work, due to the tools of the trade, equipment and other inherent risks. With dangers such as scaffolding, ladders, concrete, brick and lumber on these sites, accidents are unfortunately very common. If you have been injured in a construction accident, retaining legal representation to protect your rights from an experienced Queens construction accident attorney is vital if you hope to recover the compensation that you need. At the Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C., our team has a deep level of skill and knowledge in all aspects of personal injury litigation, including construction accidents.

What are the dangers of construction work area?

Construction sites in New York are regulated, and safety measures must be in place for the project to remain legal. These regulations are in place to help to prevent accidents and keep construction work areas safe. Employers who faithfully maintain all safety procedures and pass inspections cannot eliminate all of the potential risks at a construction site. Dangers of construction work areas usually derive from the fact that they are often noisy and hectic places to work. With the amount of action taking place, it can be difficult to notice when a dangerous situation is about to take place.

Some of the dangers of construction work areas include crane accidents, scaffolding or building collapses, elevator accidents, welding accidents, falls from ladders, malfunctioning tools or defective devices, forklift accidents, fires and explosions, electrical accidents, toxic exposure, elevator accidents, falls, dropped tools, and many more. People injured in these accidents often suffer from serious injuries including severe lacerations, broken bones, burns and concussions. After a construction accident has left you unable to work or permanently disabled, contact our firm and get help from a personal injury lawyer, so that we can initiate the actions necessary to get your benefits paid. Workers or laborers hurt in New York are entitled to receive benefits and we will fight for your right to fair compensation.

In some cases, a construction accident involves a third party. You are restricted from suing your employer, except under certain circumstances. A third party, such as an equipment manufacturer or leasing company that has failed to maintain equipment properly, or other third party. In such a case, it may be possible to pursue compensation beyond what you will receive in workers' comp benefits. This added amount of compensation can be very important to you and your family, particularly in cases of serious, permanent or fatal injuries.

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